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Why Canada Needs More Women Entrepreneurs, And How They Can Succeed

Traditionally, investment and entrepreneurship in Canada has been male-dominated but if the latest statistics are anything to go by, that is no longer the case. By 2014, the number of businesses owned by women in the country had grown significantly. Market research indicates that the number of women entrepreneurs in Canada is increasing 60% faster than that of their male counterparts. If this trend continues it could significantly impact Canadian Economics.

Grow your confidence and ask for more

If you are to succeed in whatever business you want to get into as a woman, you need tons of confidence. Even though it does not come naturally to many, you need to force yourself if you have to. You should not be afraid to pursue what you want, which may mean being direct and asking for more. It is better to get a thousand Nos than to never ask at all. You need to be assertive with your ideas and opinions. Put yourself out there and work on your leadership skills. Let other people know what you want, and take action to get it. You will also need to improve your relationships. Learn to connect on a deeper level, leverage your relationships and make things happen on both sides.

Educate yourself

Regardless of your age and/or education level, you can always find a webinar or YouTube video to learn something for free. In many places there are government grants to cover the cost of business skill training. Pick up a certain course that can help you in your line of business or learn a skill to improve a certain aspect of your business.

Think big

Find your true passion and turn it into a lucrative business, if you think small you’ll remain small.

About Bonnie

Bonnie O'Toole is a Business Consultant and Trainer who believes in the pursuit of prosperity and can help you turn your ideas into opportunities. Learn more at how she can help you at

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