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Here’s The Problem -

Researching your competitor online will have you typing their name/s every time you want to do it; only to get back links to everywhere Google finds the name.

You probably just want to know what’s new, and you probably want that automated.

You would prefer to just do it once and be done with it.

Google has a tool for that.

It will take you one minute to set up, and save you countless hours.

This free tool is called Google Alerts.

Go to to get it.

Here’s What It Does

You tell Google what words you want to find on the web.

You tell Google where to email the results.

When Google finds a new mention of the words, it emails it to you.


There is no better way to watch your competitors than to do it this way.

Here’s How You Use It

Enter your competitor’s name in the field.

If it is two or more words, put quotes around the words.

This will tell Google to only send you results where the two words appear next to one another (versus sending you results where those two words appear on a page, but not necessarily next to one another).

You will receive an email when Google finds those words uploaded to the web (a new mention).

If you are getting to many emails, go into the options and set the controls to email you less often.

Don’t stop with your competitor.

Enter your key customer’s names as well to make sure you don’t miss an award, honour or accolade so you can congratulate them.

Track your own press.

Enter your own name, and business name.

Keep track of what others are saying about you.

This takes a minute, saves you hours, returns valuable information.

Try it now; pass on the knowledge later.

About Bonnie

Bonnie O'Toole is a Business Consultant and Trainer who believes in the pursuit of prosperity and can help you turn your ideas into opportunities. Learn more at how she can help you at

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