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Create Product Descriptions Customers Care About

Here's an exercise that I recommend be part of every product section of a Marketing Plan - The FAB FAB stands for Features, Advantages and Benefits. For every product feature, describe the advantage over your competitor, and the benefit to the customer.

For example:

Feature: Paint made from process "XYZ" that bonds volatile hydrocarbons

Advantage: Paint that doesn't give off a strong smell like the competitor's product

Benefit: Safe to apply around children

In marketing messages focus on the benefit the customer will feel. In the example above it should convey the convenience of applying paint without evacuating the house. A picture of a parent and child painting together would work. Although you might be proud that you hold the patent for making your product better than anyone, the customer doesn't really care. Customers do care about emotionally bonding with their child as they paint together. Doing the FAB exercise will help you craft marketing message that are relatable to customers.

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