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Once Business Owners Master This One Skill Growth Soars

Business professionals need to master the art of delegation so they can grow.

If business owners busy themselves working in the business instead of working on the business, growth will plateau.

Tip 1: Delegate the routine tasks

The solution is to mentor a trusted and able employee to take on some of your repetitive and routine tasks so you can work on the things that will take the business to the next level. To take the business to the next level, business managers need to carve out time to work on long term goals and strategic planning.

Tip 2: Schedule time to coach employees to take on more of your tasks

Manage your expectations. I hear from stressed clients that they don't delegate because "its just easier to do themselves." They are right, they could do it better and faster themselves - the first time, but eventually their employees, with practice, will learn to do it efficiently. Accept that having something 80% complete is a huge time saver, and expect to take some time to coach an employee to get it right. Consider it invested time versus wasted time; it will return dividends later on when the employee, with practice, can do it faster and better.

Tip 3: Make delegating part of your routine

Continually be delegating. Maintain an action register listing what needs to be done, by when and assigned to whom. When employees are struggling to get the assignments done, find out what help they need and support them to successfully completing it. Tasks with your name should be reserved for coaching employees and critical professional/business development activities.

I caution managers to delegate tasks and not responsibility. Its not a game of tag-your-it; instead it is a full team playoff with a huddle and a cheering squad. Delegating not done right is when the responsibility is assigned to someone who doesn't have the knowledge or resources to complete the task. Responsible delegating is retaining the responsibility while coaching someone else to do the task.

The benefits of delegating is good time management which leads to less stress, satisfaction from working more on important activities, employees that develop new skills, and a more successful company.

About Bonnie

Bonnie O'Toole is a Business Consultant and Trainer who believes in the pursuit of prosperity and can help you turn your ideas into opportunities. Learn more at how she can help you at

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