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Our Business Consultants provide assistance with business start-up, business development and growth.
Government Funding
Many of the services provided are covered or partially offset by a government grant. Please call for more information on which one might be right for you. 
Business Development Training


This customized training is designed to develop essential skills to improve business performance. Topics include: marketing, social media, financial management, leadership, communication, project management, supply chain fundamentals, starting a business, critical thinking, business planning and strategy. 

Business Consulting and Coaching


Focus is on improving your personal performance so you can improve your business.  Our experts will help you win more business and improve your productivity.

Marketing Plan


Your plan will be designed to communicate your marketing strategy, determine  market differentiation; plan your product, price, placement and promotion initiatives, and forecast revenue projections or support your implementation efforts.

Strategy Development



We are experts at optimizing long term growth and direction for your organization. Ready to grow?




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