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Tips on How to Start a New Business


From the point where your decision to open a business is made, you need to begin the process of setting up for launch essentially with getting started. While some see it as an uphill battle, it's a downhill tumble and as the pieces fall into place you'll gain momentum. To get started opening a business consider the following.

Decide if you need professionals

You may or may not want to bring in outsides to help you with your business launch. If you're comfortable with all the hats you'll be wearing then continue on from here. You may want to bring in others to help you with your initial marketing, your accounting, business ideas, consulting, networking and IT, etc.

Build your Business Plan

To secure financing and establish a direction for your business you'll need some kind of a business plan. This is an outline of your goals and expectations along with the research that will help you decide how, where and when your launch takes place.

Organize the Business - To get the train rolling faster you need to consider the legal aspects of organizing your business including legal steps necessary to incorporate and name your company or create a company that will represent the franchise you purchase.

Obtaining financing

Your business plan will help you determine what kind of investment capital you need or financing from 3rd parties in order to launch your business and move forward. This includes research in determining viable sources for startup funds.

Setting up the books

Launching and running your business for several months before getting the books straight is a potential nightmare. Develop a process before launch on how books and business data will be recorded and managed. This way you're familiar with the process once you launch, helping you to avoid obstacles in juggling business finances while managing other aspects of the business.

Launching the Business

Your plan for launch shouldn't be as simple as "open the door." Your launch strategy must include market communications, to the right target market. Your launch plan is key to making a successful splash when you open your business.


Lastly you should recognize the need to protect yourself as well as your business, including insurance on the physical location as well as an overview of how you will protect your intellectual property rights pertaining to your business. This includes patents, trademarks, copyrights and how to keep your overall image safe from cannibalistic competitors.

Plan to succeed

From day one until the day you activate your exit strategy you'll be planning and working through an unlimited number of business plans and strategies that keep your business running. Using plans will help to ensure that time, money, and resources are not wasted. Only then will you be able to move through the milestones as you launch and grow.

About Bonnie

Bonnie O'Toole is a Business Consultant and Trainer who believes in the pursuit of prosperity and can help you turn your ideas into opportunities. Learn more at how she can help you at

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