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Grow a Small Business Course


Starting at Your Convenience


You may be eligible for government funding to cover the costs but you must

apply 45 days before course start date. 

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The benefits of taking this course
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What you'll learn

Grow a Small Business

Are you a small business owner who wants to grow your business but is held back by time constraints?


Many service providers are constrained by trading time for money. Many handcrafted product producers are constrained by being the only person with their unique skill. 


Many businesses can't grow unless they hire staff with the risk of spending valuable time training a future competitor. 


Are just too busy working in your business instead of working on your business. 

Benefit from learning how to create your own strategic plan, using an easy process, to grow your revenue from new products and/or services or accessing new markets without hiring an expensive consultant who doesn't know your business.


Walk out of the course with your strategic growth plan on a poster (POAP) so it can easily be displayed and followed. No more 30-page plans forgotten in a drawer.


This course will teach you how to systematically take your business in new directions using the simplified DAPP strategic planning process


You will learn a new workflow process to increase the revenue-generating capacity of your business and meet new competitive challenges and market opportunities; this course will help you gain business knowledge and skills to optimize the long-term growth of your business.


The course activities are hands-on as you learn the skills to systematically, using the proprietary DAPP process, to create a strategic growth plan that is simple to follow.


The 6-day core training program, taught by Bonnie O'Toole of Market Pursuits Inc. entails:


  • Discover:

    • Learn the four ways to grow a business and assess which are right for you

    • Use creativity tools to generate options to expand your business

    • Find growth opportunities through customer and market insights

  • Assess:

    • Use research to test a market

    • Create business cases to assess opportunities to make the best decisions for your organization

    • Explore capital funding options for business expansion

  • Plan

    • Practice iteration and improvement methods versus waiting for perfection

    • Set strategic priorities for a three-year time horizon

    • Create an action plan for a product, service, and/or market expansion

    • Create capacity in your business without hiring an employee 

    • Set performance goals and objectives to measure your effectiveness

    • Storyboard your strategy on one visual guide

  • Pursue

    • Be guided to implement the initial part of your plan


This process comes with a workbook with templates and examples that will help you jump start your progress. The course is personalized for you and your business.  You determine who is in the course with you to ensure your privacy and individual attention. 


Upon completion of the course, you will receive a certificate in Strategic Growth Planning.


This course is intended for owners or managers of small established businesses that are ready to improve their profitability through strategic growth initiatives such as offering new products and/or services or accessing new markets.  




The Grow a Small Business program is delivered at a mutually convenient time.  Times are arranged during registration.





Course Fees


This course is an investment in your business and your skills.


The province of Nova Scotia wants to invest in your skill development to improve the innovation and productivity of Nova Scotian businesses. You may be eligible for a provincial government grant. (see below)


4-day program: $10,000 plus HST

Are you eligible for this grant?

Government Funding:  Some businesses may be eligible for the Nova Scotia Department of Labour and Advanced Education’s, Workplace Innovation and Productivity Skills Incentive Program (WIPSI) which funds between $5000-$10,000. Details and eligibility criteria can be found at:


Want help filling out the WIPSI application? Email me at, and I’ll personally help you with the wording and process.

It commonly takes 30-45 days to obtain a response from the grant application, so register early! 

Your Instructor

Your Instructor​ for:
Core Program
Optional Module 3
Proposal Writing

Bonnie O'Toole

Success is a process:

plan, pursue, & prosper

Bonnie believes in the pursuit of prosperity and that Nova Scotia is a great place to start. 


As an adult educator, she has conducted over 4000 hours of business skills instruction and has helped over 1000 Nova Scotians develop their skills to grow their business.


She has created strategic plans to deliver on 9-figure revenue and capital budgets, as well as helped out start-up entrepreneurs looking to make their first ten thousand.

Her education includes an MBA and Master Certificates in Project Management and Business Analysis. She has been internationally recognized as a top business scholar.  As a lifelong learner, she has achieved several business-related diplomas and adult-education certificates.


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