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Grow your Consulting or Training Business Course


Starting October 13, 2018


You may be eligible for government funding to cover the costs but you must apply by August 27

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Grow Your Consulting or Training Business

Are you a consultant, coach, therapist or trainer, who wants to grow your business but is held back by time constraints? 


Are you like other service providers that are constrained by trading time for money? Many businesses can't grow unless they hire staff with the risk of spending valuable time training a future competitor. 


Have you thought about taking your business online before, but was overwhelmed with the technology?


Are you are just too busy working in your business instead of working on your business?

Learn ways to scale your business without adding staff.


Benefit from learning how to create your own digital products and online services using an easy process, to grow your revenue without hiring an expensive consultant.  Learn how to add real estate to your business portfolio to diversify into another passive income stream. 


Take only the modules you want.


After three days of taking the Plan for Growth module, you walk out of the course with your revenue growth plan on a poser so it can easily be displayed and followed - no more 30-page plans forgotten in a drawer.


After taking training in module 2 and/or 3, you will have established your online revenue stream and be earning while sleeping, on vacation, or while serving other clients.


If you want a passive income stream that is more physical and less virtual, module 4 - Real Estate, is for you.

This course will teach you how to systematically take your business in new directions using the simplified DAPP strategic planning process to come up with new ideas for revenue - and then translate the plan into action by creating a passive revenue stream: a digital product, an online service, and/or a real estate revenue stream.

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Choose Any or All Course Modules:

(all are optional)

Module 1:
Plan for Growth

You will learn a new workflow process to increase the revenue-generating capacity of your business and meet new competitive challenges and market opportunities; this course will help you gain business knowledge and skills to optimize the long-term growth of your business.


The course activities are hands-on as you learn the skills to systematically, using the proprietary DAPP process, to create a revenue growth plan that is simple to follow.


The 3-day revenue growth plan program entails:


  • Discover:

    • Learn the four ways to grow a business and assess which are right for you

    • Use creativity tools to generate options to expand your product/service offerings

    • Find growth opportunities through customer and market insights


  • Assess:

    • Test the new product/service on a market

    • Create business cases to assess various opportunities 


  • Plan

    • Create an action plan for a new digital product or service offering

    • Outline the content for a digital product or service

    • Create capacity in your business without hiring an employee 

    • Set performance goals and objectives to measure your success

    • Storyboard your plan on a poster (POAP) to create a visual guide


  • Pursue your growth by adding on an optional learning module that suits your needs (described below).


This process comes with a workbook with templates and examples that will help you jump start your progress. 


This course is intended for owners or managers of small established consulting, coaching, therapeutic service, or training businesses that are ready to improve their profitability by offering new digital products and/or services.


Duration: 3 days




October 13, 20, 27



9:00 am - 4:00 pm



Fee: $2500 plus HST


Instructor: Bonnie O'Toole of Market Pursuits Inc.

Module 2:
Create an Online Course and Paid Membership Site

Duration: 3 consecutive days

November 8-10 (Thur-Fri-Sat)

9:00 am - 4:00 pm

Fee: $2500 plus HST


Instructor: Loralee Hutton of Your Portable Biz


Grow your business by exporting your expertise by learning the systems to create an online course and a membership site that will scale your business.



In this session, you will learn to use the tools needed to create an online course, including how to record video and powerpoint slides, transcribe video lectures, repurpose content to increase your productivity, use innovative apps to make the customer experience seamless. Keep your sites secure and learn how to use apps that will help you spend less time on administration and more time with clients.  Learn what you need to know about privacy compliance (including new online policies to sell to the EU) and create your online privacy policy.



IT Systems ad apps covered: Teachable, Thinkrific, Screencast-o-Matic, Loom, Zoom, Acuity, IFTTT, Zapier


Prerequisite: A computer laptop is required for this module and you must have proficient computer skills.


Module 3:
Digital Non-Fiction Book and Info Product

Expand worldwide by learning the systems to create new virtual products: a non-fiction book and digital information product. Learn to write with the reader in mind and create content that sells.


IT Systems ad apps covered: CreateSpace, Shopify, ISBN Registration, Canva, KDP, MailerLite, MailChimp, Amazon, Barnes and Noble Seller portal, joint venture sites



Prerequisite: A computer laptop is required for this module and you must have proficient computer skills.


Duration: 3 consecutive days

November 22-24 (Thur-Fri-Sat)

9:00 am - 4:00 pm

Fee: $2500 plus HST


Instructor: Loralee Hutton of Your Portable Biz

Module 4:
Investing in Real Estate

Analyze owning versus leasing your premise and adding another income stream through acquiring commercial or residential rental real estate to add to your business assets.


Duration: 2 consecutive days


December 7-8 (Fri-Sat)


9:00 am - 4:00 pm

Fee: $2500 plus HST


Instructor: Mary Dable Arab of Bara Management Group.

Administration Information

The Association of Workplace Educators
3667 Strawberry Hill, Suite 106,
Halifax, Nova Scotia​​
Course Fees

This course is an investment in your business and your skills.


Each module is optional and is $2500 plus HST each.




Are you eligible for this grant?

Some businesses may be eligible for the Nova Scotia Department of Labour and Advanced Education’s, Workplace Innovation and Productivity Skills Incentive Program (WIPSI) which funds between $5000-$10,000. Details and eligibility criteria can be found at


Want help filling out the WIPSI application? Email me at, and I’ll personally help you with the wording and process.


It commonly takes 30-45 days to obtain a response from the grant application, so register early! 


To register, fill out the form below.


Please send any questions with your name, business name, email, and contact phone number to

This course will be cancelled if minimum enrollment is not met.

Your Instructors

Your Instructor for:
Module 1 - Plan for Growth

Bonnie O'Toole

Success is a process:

plan, pursue, & prosper

Bonnie believes in the pursuit of prosperity and that Nova Scotia is a great place to start. 


As an adult educator, she has conducted over 4000 hours of business skills instruction and has helped over 1000 Nova Scotians develop their skills to grow their business. 


She has created strategic plans to deliver on 9-figure revenue and capital budgets, as well as helped out start-up entrepreneurs looking to make their first ten thousand.

Her education includes an MBA and Master Certificates in Project Management and Business Analysis. She has been internationally recognized as a top business scholar.  As a lifelong learner, she has achieved several business-related diplomas and adult-education certificates.


Your Instructor for:
Module 2:
Online Course and Membership Site 
Module 3:
Digital Non-fiction Book and Info Product

Loralee Hutton

Loralee Hutton is a Canadian who has successfully taken her accounting/software consulting business online and operates it from anywhere.  She is the author of two books: Info Product Complete - Because Finishing Changes Everything and SpendLess WorkLess, How I Run my Online Solopreneur Business on a Super Tiny Budget, With the Help of Automation.


She practices what she preaches by hosting an online membership site called Her Portable Biz, and offers 25 online courses and several digital download products. For more information about Loralee, visit her online at:


She is looking forward to travelling from her home in Vancouver, BC to Halifax to deliver face-to-face workshops to help you create passive income streams to grow your business.

Your Instructor for:
Module 4 -  Real Estate

Mary Dable Arab

Mary Dable Arab is President and Co-founder of BARA Management Group. She has earned a reputation as a dynamic leader who inspires others to go beyond what they think is possible. She is well known for thoughtfully planning out success roadmaps both in her recent venture as an Entrepreneur and as a former Vice President with Scotiabank.


Prior to BARA Management Group, Mary was District Vice President at Scotiabank, overseeing retail banking and small business sales for North East Nova Scotia. This included executing on strategy development and managing overall performance and delivery of Scotiabank’s products and services to clients, and 400+ employees in 26 branches.


Mary was recognized as a Trusted Leader and a  ‘Woman on the Move’ within Scotiabank, as she held a wide variety of increasingly responsible positions, managing large business units,  including National Director Customer Experience, Director Sales & Service for the Atlantic Customer Contact Center and Human Resource Management.


She is also an active community volunteer, as a Board of Governors for Mount St. Vincent University, a Board Member for Brigadoon Village, a Judge for the Halifax Chamber of Commerce Business Awards, and an active member of the Arthritis Society. She was named Outstanding Professional of the Year by the Lebanese Chamber of Commerce & Industry and Honorary Chair of the 2015 Cedar Festival in Halifax.


Mary has a relentless curiosity and is inspired by learning. She has studied ‘The Art & Practice of Leadership’, at Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government and Advanced Executive Communications through Harvard’s Executive Education program. She has an affinity to the University of New Brunswick, where she holds a business degree and remains an active Alumnus as graduating class president.


She lives happily in Halifax with her lovely 2 boys Oscar and Lucas and husband Philippe, and never takes her eye off what’s really important in life.


We take care of your privacy and do not sell your personal information.

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